The Designer’s Pricing Class

The online class that will teach you how to increase your prices while getting more clients to say “YES!”

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You’re losing money on your design work

Talking about money with your clients is a pain in the ass. You never know how much you should charge, you always have to explain why you are so “expensive”. And the worst part - by the time you finish the project, you find out you were actually working for pennies.

Is it possible to charge premium rates, make a great living, AND have clients thank you for it?

The answer is YES. When you have the perfect recipe for coming up with the right numbers. When you know exactly how to articulate to your clients why you are worth the money. You can actually charge them twice what you’re charging today, and watch them smiling throughout.

“After taking this amazing class, I started making a lot more money, and getting a lot of satisfied returning clients.”
Corinne Savin, Designer

Here’s how to turn your freelance business around in 3 simple steps:


Learn how to value your work.


Make clients happily pay that value.


Increase your value and charge more.

5 reasons why you need to take our pricing class before the next client calls:

Never lose money on a project again

Learn to understand which projects are going to be profitable and which are going to leave you with holes in your pockets.

Learn strategies for increasing your rates

Increase your value in the design market by understanding what clients are paying for and how to be innovative as a freelancer.

Get your clients to understand what you’re worth

Learn how to communicate to your clients what your are worth in terms that they can understand.

Save time on proposals

Quickly calculate project prices and use our tested super-sexy proposal template that clients just can’t refuse.

Learn to enjoy the process

Once you know the process, it’s time to start experimenting and having fun dealing with money and negotiations.

Our online class will teach you how to start charging what you are really worth.

The Designer’s Pricing Class is designed to change the way you think about your pricing and the way you negotiate with your clients. Building on our combined decades of freelance experience and with advice from top experts on pricing and psychology, this class has already helped hundreds of freelancers to transform their careers.

The pricing class is comprised of 5 lessons


How to understand the design market.


How to determine your rates.


How to price projects.


How to negotiate with clients.


How to write sexy proposals.

*Oh and we almost forgot to mention - we also made the videos funny, so you won’t get bored.

How do we know how to do it? Because we’ve already done it ourselves

We know what you’re going through. We’ve been there too. When we just started freelancing we used to think, “oh, that client would never pay me that much.” We used to cut in half the numbers we had in our heads, being so afraid to lose the project. “I don’t want to be out of work” was the common thought before sending a proposal - “so I better ask for less.”

Working for pennies sucks. It wasn’t enough to pay the bills anyway. So we had nothing to lose. We started to learn how to ask for what we’re worth and how to be confident in talking to our clients - to understand that they need us just as much as we need them. And things started to get better. We learned how to get $100K for a project that was priced at $10K by the competitor, with the client being happy about it (sounds almost like magic, right?!)

We are now each doing freelance work for only two days a week. We're earning enough to maintain the lifestyle we want for ourselves.
Using our combined 20+ years of experience, we want to teach you everything we know, so that you can do it yourself. The good news: it’s not quantum physics.

Now I have the time to take my family to Africa for 3 weeks
Ran Segall

I started playing with Photoshop when I was in high school, and started freelancing not long after. That was 14 years ago (man, I’m getting old).

I’ve been working with musicians, fashion brands, small businesses and startups and also with large international brands.

Over the years I’ve worked my ass off into late nights and weekends until I realized that this wasn’t the lifestyle I was striving for.

Nowadays my client work takes up only two days of my week, so I can focus more of my time helping other designers at nuSchool, spending time with my family and riding my bicycle.

Lior Frenkel

Over the last 15 years I’ve eaten dozens of burgers and had hundreds of beers with clients of all types, shapes and languages. First I did it as a product manager working for corporates, on big $M projects, wearing suits. Later on I started freelancing as a web project manager, being my own boss.

I learned that the size of the client and project doesn’t matter. The same strategies and psychology I used to win big clients before, worked just as well with that gym owner who needs a website, or with the CEO of a fashion brand that needed me to redesign their e-commerce platform.

As a project manager I also hired freelance designers and developers. So I know how it feels to be on both sides. I recently wrote Pay Me Or Else to help designers fight non-paying clients.

“I was actually blown away by how well made the class is. The examples were funny and interesting and very helpful.”
Daniela Meyer, Designer

Imagine what such a change could do for your bank account

If you bill $30 per hour, working 45 hours a week, that means you’re making ±$67,500 a year.

Raising your rates by only 10% means you’ll make $560 more per month
(i.e. you could stop worrying about eating expensive sushi and drinking those cocktails).

Raising them by 50% means you’ll make $2800 more per month
(i.e. paying that mortgage won’t be a problem anymore).

But what would happen if you raise your rates by 100%? Well that would mean $5,600 more per month.

Now close your eyes for a second and just imagine this change.

And now get this - some of our students were happy to tell us they are now charging 200% more than what they used to. That’s a great deal of money, so you might end up working only two days a week like we do.

"I thought I knew it all after 10 years in the web design business. But this amazing course really opened my eyes."
Florian Moser, Designer
"It brought me confidence. For the first time I had the strength not to lower my price just before sending my proposal. I charged the price I wanted to get - double of what I would have proposed at a first glance - and I got it! Moreover, my client was happy with it. As a freelancer you don.t necessarily have the opportunity to have a senior giving you their tips and secrets like you guys are doing; that is invaluable."
Read how Margot , a graphic designer, used the Pricing Class to double her rates
"I took Lior's advice and created a proposal as a webpage, instead of sending a boring old PDF. The reaction was "Wow!.. The class broke things down in a way that made it seem less daunting. I use both the proposal generator and pricing calculator religiously. I.m now learning to listen to the client in a different way and seeing opportunities to add value where I probably would have missed before taking the class. Plus, you guys have such a fun personality!"
Read how Tara, a full-stack designer, used the Pricing Class to win her client.

What you get when you sign up:

After you signup, we will send you a username and password for our class dashboard, where you can enjoy the videos, tools & templates.

5 video lessons

2.5 hours of video, broken into short and sweet videos. Watch on your own time and on any device. Be prepared to have fun. 

3 online tools

Save time by calculating rates and prices and automating your proposal writing with our quick tools.

5 docs and templates

Apply your new knowledge easily with checklists and questionnaires, and go back to the step-by-step guide for reference.

Mentor support

We’re personally here for you and ready to answer any question and issue you face until you successfully transform your freelance business.

Lifetime access

You can always go back and watch the class again and again. Forever. It will only get better with time.

Tax-deductible investment

Investing in your education is tax deductable is most countries (US included), so by taking the class you might just pay less taxes.

Here’s a short sample from the pricing class:

“That was the best $300 I have spent in a long time. These tutorials have been life (career) changing. Thank you so much. Great job!”
Mary Schmidt, Designer 
“Being creatives themselves, nuSchool understands that designers aren’t the most business-savvy people, and have thoughtfully crafted the lessons in a fun, entertaining and easy-to-understand manner”
“They answer real questions designers have on a daily basis, and do so in a fun, approachable way”

Money back guarantee

Risk is for stock market investors, not freelance designers. We are absolutely sure you’ll love our class and that it will give you the knowledge and tools necessary to make your freelance business profitable. If you feel we didn’t deliver - no worries. You’ll get your money back.

You must be thinking:

“Do I have to attend classes or be online at a certain time to take the class?”

No way. You can progress in your own pace. Watch it whenever you want, even on your mobile if you wish.

“I don’t have the time for this right now”

You can watch all 50 videos in 2.5 hours. That's 30 minutes a day for a week. That's 1 weekend. Hell, you can get it done TONIGHT. You don’t have to watch it right away, just make sure you do it before you wish to earn more.

"I don’t have the money right now"

Here are all the reasons why it’s actually quite a bargain for you:

1. It will be more expensive to send the next proposal without taking this class. You have less chances to win this client, and even if you do you probably won’t charge as much as you could.

2. Imagine what a 10% increase would be worth for you over this year... Wait, some of our students have doubled what they charge! Imagine what that would be worth for you.

3. It took us many years and many clients and potential dollars lost before we learned all this wisdom. Taking this class today will help you avoid those losses forever.

4. Most countries give a tax deduction for educational classes. We'll send you an invoice you can use for that purpose. So hey, it’s a no brainer.

"No way it's going to work for me"

It will. But in case you feel like this class did not help you, you get 100% money back guarantee. No questions asked.

“What if it doesn’t answer my specific problems?”

Well that’s easy. In that case just shoot us an email, and we’ll answer you back, smiling. We’re doing it daily with hundreds of students.

I'm not a designer, is this class right for me?

Maybe. Are you freelancing and have to price your project and send proposals? If you are, you can read about other non-designers who's successfully mastered the class:

Read Non Designers Reviews
“It's great! Really well delivered. It helped me in many ways. from handling tough calls to understanding what a project really worth and how to get better paid. The videos are short, easy going yet down to the point. The documents are perfect for use on a daily basis. Love the tools too.
Guy James Cohen, Sound Designer