How a Graphic Designer Used the Pricing Class to Raise Her Rates

“She got the project!” I screamed at my girlfriend. “I knew it!”

“Who? What?”

My other half had no clue what I’m talking about.

“Margot! Our student – the French designer from London. She’s going to create an amazing brand for her client, and she got it in the price she wanted!”

My girlfriend wasn’t impressed.

Probably since it was 1:00AM and she was trying to sleep.

But I was thrilled. I walked out of bed and did my little dance, which luckily is not documented anywhere online.


Every person has different motivations that drive them. That makes them wake up in the morning full of energy. That makes them want to go the extra mile with their work.

Some people love power, others want flashy money, and others thrive for recognition. It’s important to understand what moves you.

For me, it was never about the money. I never dreamed of buying a yacht or having a private driver or anything like that. (And hey, I’m not judging – if this is your thing you shouldn’t be ashamed of it.)

It took me some time to realize, but for me it’s about empowering others: Seeing how I can help others feel stronger, more motivated, and worthy.

That is why I’m building the nuSchool and that is why I enjoy teaching so much.

So you can only imagine how I felt reading these words in my email inbox:

“Lior, I got the project! And she didn’t even negotiate my price :)

So thanks a lot for your advice, I probably charged this double of what I would have proposed at a first glance.

I did tell you that I would send you a bottle of champagne if I got the project so now I have to keep my promises. What’s your mailing address?”


As much as I love champagne, I couldn’t care less about that bottle at that very moment.

All I wanted was to interview Margot, a graphic designer about the transformation she’s gone through. I wanted to ask her if it related to the fact she took our class.

Because if we were part of that transformation, then I want to take some credit :)

Hell, we worked SO hard building that class, for many many months. Knowing that it can help designers feel empowered would be the best reward ever.

Better than champagne.


Meet Margot Lombaert – a graphic designer, specialising in identity design mostly for exhibitions and museums.

Can you tell us a little bit about what you’re doing?

I mostly work in freelance for interior design studios to develop the identity of a specific exhibition they have been appointed for. I also sometime work on branding projects under my own company name.”

What was your biggest struggle with your creative business?

“I have been working very hard for the last two years.

I was doing exciting projects but could hardly pay my bills even though I was working most evenings and weekends.

I paid a very high price in my personal life and I know that eventually I will need time to relax. So if I want to keep doing good work and keep enjoying what I am doing I need to learn to take breaks.

Therefore I have decided I need to raise my rates so I could be involved in fewer projects and start having a life outside of design. And when I bumped into your Pricing Class it seemed like a good resource to learn how to do that.”

How did our class catch your attention?

“Generally speaking, tips on “how to grow your business” are pretty boring and I don’t identify myself with the narrator.

But here there was something else. I had the impression that the examples given were my own story!

I decided to take the class as I had been contacted by a new client; the project was very interesting but I was already fully booked for the next months with other projects. So I didn’t want to get on board for a project that will take away all my evenings and weekends just for pennies. I wanted to take it only if it pays well.”

The class is touching different people on different levels. What was it for you? What was the big change you felt after taking it?

“The most important thing it brought me was confidence. For the first time I had the strength not to lower my price just before sending my proposal.

I always thought that even if I knew that my work is worth it, I didn’t believe someone will understand it and pay me that amount of money. This time, I charged the price I wanted to get and my client was happy with it.

Now I know that next time I will have even more confidence to ask for a higher rate.

Stop listening to your other freelance friends. If you think your work is worth it, just ask for it.”

Do you think this class came in the right time for you?

“I could have benefited from it much earlier had I known about it.

I think that’s a very helpful class for anyone starting to do freelance work. As a junior freelancer you don’t necessarily have the opportunity to have a senior giving you their tips and secrets like you guys are doing; that is invaluable.

(By the way, I have already told all my freelance friends about it!)”

What’s your next goal?

“I am lucky to work exclusively on projects I am very excited about. So the next stage for me is just to try to make more money out of it. So eventually I can be a designer who take some holidays and travel!”


Can you see why I was so excited?

I mean, I can imagine Margot with her suitcase getting on the plane for her holiday. She’s sipping a Bloody Mary, smiling to herself.

Not only is she leaving a mark with her beautiful work, but she can also have the lifestyle she wanted, because she got paid what she’s worth…

So is it possible to raise your rates without losing your clients?

I hope Margot’s story has inspired you and shown you that it’s possible indeed. And I bet you can do that too.

If you feel that you need help with learning how to do it, we’re here to help with our Pricing Class. This class will not only teach you – step by step – how to understand your value, present it to your clients, and convince them to go for it. It will also – as Margot stated – give you the confidence to do just that.

Oh, and taking our class is risk-free, as we have a 100% money-back guarantee policy. Hundreds of designers have already taken it. We’re on a mission to make the designers of the world earn more. Don’t stay behind:

The Designer’s Pricing Class

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