Creative Hangover Solutions For New Year’s

We’re heading into a new cycle around the sun, and while that should sound exciting, what it really means is that…

Tomorrow is going to hurt!

New Year’s Eve is a night of champagne, confetti, and you-should-definitely-take-a-taxi — and New Year’s Day is a shitstorm of a hangover. But what if it didn’t have to be that way?

With a bit of thought, it’s pretty easy to prevent morning-after pain and regret. These are our five go-to’s — use them wisely.

1. One Plus One

It’s pretty simple: With every alcoholic drink, drink a glass of water. Alcohol is as dehydrating as a liquid can be, and dehydration leads to nausea, headaches, and general lethargy — so the extra peeing is worth it.

2. Say no to cigarettes

Cigarettes and liquor are a timeless combination, but they will make your tomorrow so much worse. A study done at Brown University showed that smoking while drinking made hangovers twice as likely, and way more painful. The science says that, even for social smokers, nicotine slows down arterial responsiveness, meaning your blood moves through your body more slowly after a cigarette, leading to lethargy and general bad, unpleasant feelings.

3. Treat yo’self, drink top shelf

While most of what separates high-end and well liquor is branding, there’s also something in the filtering process of high-end liquor that takes out a lot of the impurities/toxins that make you feel like you’ve been poisoned. Because, when you drink top-shelf, you’re being poisoned a little bit less.

4. Keep it clear — and no bubbles!

Along those same lines, clear liquors like gin and vodka are supposedly ‘purer’ than their colored counterparts, like whiskey and bourbon — so, if you’re planning on drinking heavily, do it clear. And, though champagne is a New Year’s tradition, its bubbles are not your friend; bubbles cause alcohol to be absorbed more quickly, so you get drunker faster, and hungover more painfully. Basically, skip over the whiskey-ginger for cranberry-vodka.

5. Eat breakfast, skip coffee

The damage is done, and all you can do is feel better. Push your resolutions off to January 2 and treat yourself at breakfast: Eat something carb-y, like bread or pancakes, to raise your blood sugar levels that were massacred by the sugar content of the alcohol, and choose eggs — eggs are great sources of taurine, a chemical that helps your liver heal itself after the alcohol bath of the night before. You’ll be dehydrated, so drink all the water (!), but skip coffee, and definitely don’t drink any more booze. You don’t need that.

Enjoy the drinking!

As we head into 2016, I want to wish you a lot of luck, success, and happiness, and to thank you for being a part of the big trip that is The nuSchool.

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Lior Frenkel

Lior is Head of Fun and CEO at The nuSchool. He is the author of 'Pay Me...Or Else! and 'Value For Money' and is a mentor at the Designer's Pricing Class.

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