Our Manifest

So you chose to be a creative professional.
You’ve decided you’re not going to make a living by being a paper pusher, but rather live from your art. Awesome.

You wake up in the morning feeling motivated to create beautiful, useful and meaningful things. But then reality bites
Your accountant is calling, asking you for tax documents; your client still hasn’t payed for his last project; you got so much shit to do, and you haven’t gone out for a beer with friends in ages. WTF?

Your friends are telling you: “welcome to the real world”.
Your mom tells you: “you should’ve been a lawyer!”

No way.

We see creative people all around us living great lives: having a good work-life balance, making good money, working with great clients and creating amazing stuff. Stefan Sagmeister took a year off without clients; Zach Klein built a cabin with his friends; Ryan Carson started working only 4 days a week; Tobias van Schneider has an awesome beard, and these are just the “famous” ones. There are many more who are kicking-ass, enjoying life and work.

Do you think some people are just more talented? Or have more luck?

Here’s an alternative: you are dealing with problems that no one taught you the skills to deal with.
What if you could actually learn how to better deal with clients? Learn how to better organize your time and get the important things done? Learn how to earn more money with the art you know how to create?

We think it is possible. Because we are doing it ourselves, and we are not uniquely talented or lucky. And we have a blast doing what we love doing.

We want Bold & Creative to be this place for you: a place where you can gain practical knowledge, that will improve the way you work, think, live and feel. Who knows, you might even end up happier.

So we invite you to join the ride. You can learn something new, you can improve, and your life can be better.

Every day you learn something, is not a day wasted.

Sharing is Caring

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