Marketing For Honest Creatives – Free Ebook

‘Marketing’ is the business way of saying making people like you enough to buy your product/hire you/give you money.

When you’re a freelance creative, talent doesn’t sell itself. To have clients, your clients have to know you exist — so you have to do a bit of marketing.

The highest-paid freelancers figured this out a long time ago: Clients don’t come to you because you’re good.

So why pick you?

And what will keep them coming?

And how do you do it without feeling icky?

I wrote a short ebook explaining all of that and a little bit more.

Download it here. It’s free.

Enjoy <3

P.S. Feel free to share this with your friends. It’s the surprise that keeps on giving.

Ran Segall

Ran Segall, Head of Product, Co-Founder at The nuSchool

Ran is a freelance full-stack designer working with Startups.
He also runs Flux – a vlog where he shares his journey, struggles,
and lessons he’s learning as he builds his design career and business.

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