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We see creative people all around us living great lives: having a good work-life balance, making good money, working with great clients and creating amazing stuff.

Do you think those people are more talented than you? Or have more luck?

Probably not.

Here’s an alternative: you are dealing with problems that no one taught you the skills to deal with.

But what if you could actually learn how to better deal with clients?

Learn how to earn more money with the art you know how to create… What if you could increase your rates?

Learn how to better organize your time and get the important things done…

Learn to find more clients, better clients, who are fun to work with and are willing to pay you what you’re worth…

What if you could learn how to position yourself better? Differentiate yourself from other freelancers?

We think it is possible. Because we are doing it ourselves, and we are not uniquely talented or lucky. And we have a blast doing what we love to do.

This is what the nuSchool is about. A place where you can learn practical knowledge, and improve the way you work, feel, think and live.

We create content. Tons of it. Videos, tools, articles and images – to help you with the business side of your career. You never thought you have to learn business, but as a freelancer it’s not a choice, it’s a must. And guess what – it can be fun!

How to start freelancing

The Journey to Finding My First Client

Why Design Students Should Freelance

How To Get Started As A Freelance Graphic Designer

Finding new clients

5 Ways To Increase Your Value To Your Client (video)

Portfolios: Your First Date with A Client

The Reasons You’re Losing Design Contracts

4 Mistakes To Avoid On The First Call With The Client (video)


How Much Should I Charge? (tool)

How to price a logo design: free tools, pro tips and one grandma

Who’s afraid of cheap logos?

Awesome pricing technique for writing design proposals

“How Much Should I Charge?”

How I eliminated fear from my negotiations

Your Free Design Work Will End Up In The Trash

Can designers steal the best pricing techniques from restaurants?

How to position yourself

The most common freelance mistake… and how to avoid it

Why Should I Pick YOU?

Who’s afraid of cheap logos?

How can designers beat low-price competitors?

Managing Clients

Pay me or else (Our free ebook)

Getting Paid As A Freelancer

Freelancers: Why you need a contract for every project

Learn from bad clients

How I eliminated fear from my negotiations

5 Ways To Increase Your Value To Your Client

Portfolios: Your First Date with A Client

Client deadlines: how to make them respect it

Save Yourself From Endless Client Requests

Things I’ve learned as a freelance designer

These Client Stories Will Make You Cry With Laughter

F*ck You, Pay Me!

Soft Skills : How to balance life and work

How to build confidence when you start freelancing

How to Stay Productive as a Remote Worker

Working on Weekends

Your Free Design Work Will End Up In The Trash

Leading Designers Share Their New Year’s Resolutions for 2015

Have a fresh start in 2015: Accomplish those things during the holidays

How to take a vacation

How I’m going to make 2015 more fun and more profitable

Bilingual Freelance? Watch Your Language!

You should be napping – Yeah!

The loneliness of the freelance designer

How To Manage Yourself

How To Get Your Focus Back. Your Time Too.

How I eliminated fear from my negotiations

Professional skills

The Badass List of Free Stock Photos Websites for Designers

3 Questions to Ask Yourself (and Your Client) Before Writing Copy

Writing Tips for Designers

Create your WordPress website without coding in 15 minutes

Who’s responsible for setting up a website hosting for my client?

Selling your digital art

How to deal with creative block

Be a Better Freelance Designer

Three principles your contract must align with

5 Google Tips for Creative Professionals


And don’t forget to breathe…
Lior Frenkel

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