F*ck You, Pay Me!

My mom taught me not to curse. But some people are really asking for it. Say, customers that don’t pay for the design job you delivered, in which you put so much energy. You might feel like you wanna flip a table
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻  but apparently there are better ways to handle it.

Here’s a video we love – giving you great advice of how to handle the mother**ckers that didn’t pay.

It’s one of the best videos for creative freelancers, so you should probably watch it.  This video will also make you feel super strong when dealing with your customers – Just like Chuck Noris, Jack Bower, or Beyonce (whether she and Jay-Z are going to divorce or not. They probably will. We’ll keep you posted.)


[ Recorded in one of the Creative Mornings events. ]

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