Freelance Life – Get Through It With This Video Channel

“It’s the era of Video” – said Ran, my co-founder that runs a cool Vlog – “Let’s talk Freelance Life through videos!”

It took me a while to listen to him. Not because I think he’s stupid – because I was afraid.

I was afraid of video editing – a skill that I just don’t have.

Until now. At the nuSchool we push ourselves to learn new skills – so I decided to get over my fears – and learn how to edit awesome videos :)

Enters my new Video Channel

Welcome to my new video channel – helping you get through Freelance Life


Getting International Gigs

Over the last few years I’ve worked with clients from 12 different cities, 7 countries and 8 languages. How? It’s in the video ;)

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How to Build Trust With Clients

Three things that help me build HUGE trust with my clients:

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How To Balance Speed with Excellence

Balancing speed with excellence as a freelancer is as tough as balancing work with life.

You wanna be fast. But you also want to do AWESOME work.

So how can you do that?

Short answer is: You can’t! But the long answer is more interesting ;)

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A Book You Should Read On Writing Well

“On Writing Well” is a book every Freelancer should read.

It’s the best guide for writing non-fiction – written by William Zinsser.

As freelancers we need to write so much everyday. We write emails to our clients, and proposals, and blog posts and on social media and copy for our websites, etc.

You can find the book on Amazon:

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See you on the other side (of the camera)


Post by Lior Frenkel

Lior is Head of Fun and CEO at The nuSchool. He is the author of 'Pay Me...Or Else! and 'Value For Money' and a mentor at the Designer's Pricing Class.

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