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Hey guys,
Lior & Ran from the nuSchool here.

Over the past year we have helped hundreds of designers take their freelance design career to the next level.

We've helped them increase their value and rates, position themselves better and get more clients to approve their proposals.

Unfortunately not everyone was able to afford our personal coaching services or even our premium online class

That's why we decided to publish an affordable way for everyone to get this important knowledge .  an e-book.

We called the book Value For Money and it is a guide and a blueprint for freelance designers to help change the way they think about money and the way they talk about it with their clients.

If you've been following The nuSchool for a while you may know that our last e-book .Pay me or else, was read by more than 20,000 designers around the world.

The reasons your work is not being valued

I wish my clients would believe my mother when she tells everyone how talented and good looking I am. That would make my life so much easier. Sadly, that's not the case.

No matter who you are, how much experience you have and what your portfolio looks like . your clients are probably still undervaluing your work. 

The reason for this is simple: your clients know nothing about design. All they know is that they need someone to do their logo / website / app, and they heard that people over at Fiverr will get it done for $5.

It sucks but that's the world we live in.

The other problem you probably have is self devaluation. That means that you don't value your work enough and don't realize how much it helps your clients in generating millions of dollars every year. 

Maybe you are so passionate about your work that you don't mind doing it for free.

You feel bad charging a lot of money for something you love doing so much.

If this problem sounds familiar to you, then the good news is - you can change things around pretty quickly. Here's how -

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What you will learn from this book

By the time you finish reading this book, both your workflow and your mindset will be transformed. 

No more guesswork when pricing your projects, no more trying to argue with your clients over every penny.

You will learn: 

Why some designers make WAY more money than you.
And it's got nothing to do with talent. (Page 7)

How to develop skills that clients will actually pay for.
You might have great skills, but that doesn't mean your clients are willing to pay for them.  (Page 15)

How to determine your rates.
And why you can't just ask around for what others are charging. (Page 25)

What to do if you are just starting out.
And why the answer is not charging low prices. (Page 30)

How to raise your rates.
Not just once a year, but every single time you take on a new project. (Page 42)

Our secret formula for pricing projects.
If you can answer these 4 specific questions - then you'll know the perfect price both for you and for your client . (Page 46)

How to get your clients to pay you a retainer every month.
You'll never fear low months again once you're on a retainer. (Page 50)

What you should say on the first phone call with your client.
Negotiation starts before you even start talking about money. You'll learn how to avoid critical mistakes. (Page 50)

How to make your clients spend more money than they thought they will.
By figuring out what they really want. (Page 65)

How to create proposals that will blow your clients minds.
This new technique will position you as a cutting edge designer. (Page 72)

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It worked for them, and it will work for you

"From helping define and understood your value, to apply the Design Thinking process to proposals and understanding your clients - this book has it all. In a clear, structured and easy to understand layout, Ran and Lior walk you through with confidence how to have happy clients and better relationships with them. With memorable quotes and infographics, this really is the step-by-step guide to being valued, getting paid and success."

Simon Harper Designer

"What makes this book so useful is that it honestly describes how a successful freelance business should actually work"

Çağdaş Ünal, Designer

"I absolutely loved it. Lior and Ran have managed to express some very important business/economic concepts that I.ve been trying (and failed) to understand through other sources and books . they did it very clearly and with their awesome and unique style.
I am a translator, not a designer, and I think this book should be read by any freelancer out there! You won't regret it . this book truly is value for your money :)"

Martina Russo, Translator

"If you work for yourself then you already know that time=money. .Value for Money. is a fun and personable approach to the things most of us hate to talk about. But more than that, it can save you a ton of time from having to learn the business of design the hard (and expensive) way. I.m just pissed that Lior and Ran didn.t write this book a few years ago and then tie me down and force me to read it."

Yisrael Grimes Creative Director

"In design school I realised the value of my profession, this book helped me realise the value of my skills and build up my confidence professionally and as a result in my personal life too."

Morin glimmer, Designer 

"Value for Money made me realize that expert freelancers had to tackle challenges similar to mine. There's so much here that I can relate to. Thanks to Lior and Ran I have a reliable and easy-to-apply method to price my work appropriately and take pride in it. Now I feel my profession gets the value it deserves."

Maria Antonietta Perna Designer.

"The reaction was "Wow!... The class broke things down in a way that made it seem less daunting. I'm now learning to listen to the client in a different way and seeing opportunities to add value where I probably would have missed before taking the class. Plus, you guys have such a fun personality!"

Read how Tara, a full-stack designer, used the Pricing Class to win her client.

"It brought me confidence. For the first time I had the strength not to lower my price just before sending my proposal. I charged the price I wanted to get - double of what I would have proposed at a first glance - and I got it! Moreover, my client was happy with it. As a freelancer you don't necessarily have the opportunity to have a senior giving you their tips and secrets like you guys are doing; that is invaluable."

Read how Margot , a graphic designer, used the Pricing Class to double her rates

"Being an independent designer means you are on your own. Having the nuSchool blog and community, feels like someone has my back. The book "Value for money" by Lior & Ran - proves it!"

Lee Weissman, Designer.

"I thought I knew it all after 10 years in the web design business. But this amazing course really opened my eyes."

Florian Moser, Designer
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Written by

Lior Frenkel
nuSchool Co-Founder

Lior has been building websites for years as a freelancer.

He has met every possible type of client and learned how to make the most out of every project.

These days he's consulting, blogging & speaking around the world.

Ran Segall
nuSchool Co-Founder

Ran has been freelancing as a designer for 14 years.

He has been worked with advertising agencies, branding studios & startups.

Nowadays he's consulting & blogging about UX, design thinking and life as a designer.

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